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The 3S Approach

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-The Sale

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Definitions of Closing Costs

Buyers' Resource Section:


The sale is by far and away the most technical and tedious portion of the process of buying a home. This portion is often compared to a symphony orchestra. If the musicians in the orchestra fail to work together in precise harmony the result is poor. On the other hand if all the players are up to the task and work effectively together the result is pure magic. In our orchestra the players are not the percussion, horns, and woodwinds; rather the legal teams for both buyer & seller, lending agents, Real Estate Agents, and Government Officials. The most effective way to negotiate this process is to hand it to your Agent and let them take care of it. However, listed below are a few things you should know about the process of closing, or “escrow”, and the costs involved.

1st Your Offer is Accepted. Congratulations the seller of the property has now entered into negotiations for you to buy their house.
-What is in a Sales Contract-

2nd Final Loan Application. Now is the time to dot the i's and cross the t's on the final loan application. This sets the timetable for the closing because your loan approval may take several weeks to process.
-How Lenders Approve Loan Applicants -
-10 Ways to Ascertain a Down Payments or Cash-

3rd Inspections and Appraisals.
-How to Choose a Qualified Inspector and Appraiser-

4th Title Search completed on the Property. This step ensures that you are buying the property from the rightful owner. It protects your investment and ensures ownership.

5th Loan Approval. Once again congratulations, one of the last really big hurdles. Now you have the money to hand to the seller to take possession of your new home.

6th Closing Papers Signed. This is a meeting between buyer, seller, agents representing both, lawyers, government officials, and others. Papers transferring ownership of property for monies approved in the loan are signed.
-Definitions of Closing Costs-

7th Closing Documents Recorded. This step is carried out by those government officials in the previous meeting.

8th Funds are made available to the seller.

9th CONGRATULATIONS- You have just bought a new home.

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