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On this site you can find current Golden Colorado real estate listings and all MLS listings for the Boulder/Denver metro area. RE/MAX Alliance welcomes you to Golden and has all the relocation information you need to find your dream home.

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Buyers' Resource Section:

Types of Agents

There are basically 4 types of Professional Agents that can assist you with your new home purchase. Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, Relocation Specialists, and those that do it all.

Buyers Agents-
Buyers agents work exclusively with buyers purchasing homes. Without the added stresses and time commitments of listing agents, these professionals devote all of their time to getting the best for their clients, the buyer. Statistically exclusive buyer agents pay less for homes because they are negotiating against the selling agent.

Sellers Agents- Exclusive Sellers Agents only list property. This is the professional whose job it is to sell your home and sell it fast. They usually work with a handful of advertising companies to show your house in print and on the web. These professionals are specialists at selling homes.

Relocations Specialists-Buyers agents with a twist for out of town moves. This is the Professional whose job it is to relocate your group or family as smoothly as possible. Just a few examples of what these people do.
  1. 1. Arrange Trip/Hotels/Rental Car for House Hunting
  2. 2. Provide heaps of Local Information.
  3. 3. Find Employment for a spouse.
These folks are the real saints of the business. They make the daunting task of moving as smooth as possible.

Full Service Realtors- Full Service Realtors are Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, and Relocations Specialists. For obvious reasons a conflict of interest can arise if your Buyers Agent is also someone else's Sellers Agent. Be wary of your interests and the interests of your Agent.
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