The 3S Approach

-The Setup

Types of Agents
How to Select an Agent
Prequalified or Pre-Approved
7 Reasons to buy a home
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-The Selection

How to Find a Home
50 “Things To Watch”
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9 Types of Loans You Should Know

-The Sale

What is a Sales Contract
Finding Quality Inspectors
10 Ways to Ascertain a Down Payment
How Lenders Approve Loan Applicants
Definitions of Closing Costs

Buyers’ Resource Section:

The 3S Approach to Buying a Home:

When starting the adventure of buying a home, whether down the block or on the other side of the world, there are several issues that weigh heavily on a smooth outcome. The 3S Approach to Buying a Home places the actions required to buy a home into three easy to remember steps;

  1. The Setup
  2. The Selection
  3. The Sale

I-The Setup-
The Setup entails all procedures necessary to begin shopping for your home and loan options. Proper completion of this step optimizes house-hunting hours, which can be long and tedious.

II-The Selection-
The Selection includes such decisions as neighborhoods in your city, lender, and loan options. This step concludes with bidding on the home of your dreams.

III-The Sale-
The Sale, or closing, is the final obstacle remaining between you and your new home. This portion breaks down sales contracts, negotiations, lenders, insurance, and costs included in closing.